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Feb 16, 2016 Hello everybody,
As of February 15, I'm on strike. That means there're no classes. Why? I feel I have to express support to our graduates who work as teachers, to my former classmates who teach at primary and secondary schools in Slovakia and to teachers in general who deserve better treatment from this as well as all the previous governments who have failed to reform this ailing educational system of ours. This is an indefinite strike so keep your eye on this page to learn when we're back in business having classes as shceduled. Not having contact classes does not mean there's nothing happening. On the contrary. We're working with my colleagues to put on lectures, discussions even a concert! Check our Facebook page to keep posted. As far as British painting is concerned, don't worry, you have Andrew Graham-Dixon to keep you entertained. And what visual treat that is! Just watch the videos, read the given chapters (I'm replacing old scans with the ones in colour) and you'll be fine. Support the strike, if you can. Come to our events. I feel this a rehearsal for the future -- one day we will have to stage our own protest.Roman Ličko  




2.  Apr 4, 2016 The British Painting classess scheduled for tomorrow, April 5th are cancelled. The reason is that all students that have the seminars off should attend the Students' Scholarly Research Competition (Študentská vedecká aktivita) instead. I suppose the bad new is that your Essay 1, on how people commission, handle and distribute images of themselves, IS STILL DUE as it was planned -- on April the 5th. We can no longer afford to put this off as the end of semester is just round the corner. Please hand in your essays typed, double spaced, on paper (not by email) during the day to me or our secretary. As far as the next week is concerned we're looking at Joseph Wright of Derby. This topic, by the way, is a starting point for Essay 2, so do attend, if you can.


3.  Jun, 10, 2016 The resit test date is scheduled for June 21, 2016. It will take place at 10:00 in K012 in Tajovského 51. Please register in the AIS so that I know how many tests I should photocopy.






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