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British Painting course syllabus, summer semester 2016





  Changing status of painting in art. British visual art and the legacy of the Reformation
2 Influential foreigners I: Hans Hobein
  The Ambassadors (1533), Lady with a Squirrel (1526 - 1528), Portrait of Henry VIII   
3 Art in the Service of State Propaganda: Portraits of Elizabeth I
  G. Gower: Queen Elizabeth I , The Armada Potrait (1588 - 89), I. Olivier: The Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I (1660)
4 Influential Foreigners II: Anthony Van Dyck

Equestrian portraits of Charles I. Charles in Three Positions (1635 - 1636), Portrait of a Girl as Erminia Accompanied by Cupid (1638)


Satirical Painting: William Hogarth


A Harlot's Progress (1732), The Shrimp Girl (1740), Marriage a-la-Mode (1743)


Eighteen Century Painting: Thomas Gainsborough


Mr and Mrs Andrews (1750), Girl with a Book Seated in a Park (c. 1750), The Morning Walk (1785 - 86)


Science in Painting: Joseph Wright of Derby


An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump (1768), A Philosopher Giving That Lecture on the Orrery (1766)

8 Landscape Painting: J. Constable
  The Flatford Mill (1817), The Hey-Wain (1824), The Leaping Horse (1825), The White Horse (1819), Boat building Near Flatford Mill (1815)

British avantguard: J. M. W. Turner 


Rain, Steam and Speed (1841), The Fighting Teméraire (1840)

10 Victorian Painting II: Telling a Story

W. P. Frith: The Railway Station (1862), Augustus Egg: Past and Present (1858), The Travelling Companions (1862)

11 British painting in the 1st half of the 20th century
  Stanley Spencer: The Ressurection (1924 - 26), The Dustman (1934)

British painting in the 2nd half of the 20th century

  David Hockney: Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy (1970), David Inshaw: The Badminton Game (1972 - 73)
13 Final test
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