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British Studies course announcements




1. Mar 16, 2015

The only non-compulsory task this year is a hand-made mind-map on the British documentary called Harrow -- a very British school. If you're interested you can hand it in by the last week of the instruction period. As usual everything is left to you -- look up what a mind up looks like and how it's done on the web then choose one episode of the documentary on Harrow (i.e. other than we watched in our seminars). Here's the link.

2. Mar 19, 2015 The mid-semester test on topics 1-6 (including topic 6) will be given on Thursday, March 26th, in Aula Beliana (T40), Tajovskeho 40, during our regular lecture time -- 17:40 -- 18:20. This test date is compulsory for all study groups and retakers. Please arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes in advance so that we can start on time.
3. Apr 13, 2015 I'm happy to announce that we will have two outside British Studies lecturers this semester, each of them giving a talk during our regular lecture time on Thursday. One is a colleague of mine -- Anna Slatinska; she'll be talking about Ireland this week, April 16th (17:45 -- 18:25). The other is a Welsh scholar Ess George; her lecture being scheduled on April the 23rd (this is yet to be confirmed.) The topic discussed by the second lecturer will be 'Welsh Language, Culture and Identity'. Attendance is strongly advised as new test and factfile questions will be based on what you hear in both lectures (and possible cannot find elsewhere). 
5.  Apr 30, 2015 IMPORTANT: Although I've been originally thinking of extending the course first assessment by a couple of days this will not happen and the final test place WILL, after all, take place as scheduled in our syllabus. The final end-of-semester test will be given next week, on May 7th, 2015, at 17:45 in Aula Beliana. To make revision for the test easier for you, I've decided NOT to include topic 13 (Britain & the World) in the final text (i.e. there will be no test of fact file questions on the subject). The seminars next week on the topic of immigration WILL take place, though. This will be an opportunity for volunteers to take part in a public debate discussion on immigration to the UK. I say volunteers as I'm planning to award 6 points for each individual, but voluntary participation in the debate.
5.  May 14, 2015 Have a look at your course assessment here. If you failed your first attempt you can sign up for one of the three resit test dates in the AIS.


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