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  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 4. Identity; 5. Attitudes
  2. Article-BBC readers views on what makes British British.doc


The Country, People and their Identities

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 1.Country and People
  2. Article-Quiet Revolution-Genies out of Boxes.doc
  3. Article-Activity-British Unity in Diversity.doc
  4. Article-Spoken in the UK.doc
  5. Article-Well-spoken Employees Wanted.doc


Geography and Regional Differences

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 3.Geography
  2. North-South divide-article from Wikipedia          DOWNLOAD AS PDF
  3. Financial Times-The UK North South divide
  4. Guardian-North tops wealth survey May 14 2003.htm
  5. Guardian-Lonely in London, but neighbourly in north-east Sep 22 2003.htm
  6. Daily Mail-The Real North-South divide-newspaper article Feb 14 2013


System of Government

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 7. The Monarchy; 8.The Government; 9. Parliament
  2. The workings of the UK parliament: instructions for classroom listening activities
  3. VIDEO 1: UK Parliament Tour: Welcome to the Houses of Parliament
  4. VIDEO 2: The Queen Formally Opens Parliament 
  5. VIDEO 3 & 4: The House of Commons Chamber: How the Chamber Works
  6. VIDEO 5: UK Parliament tour - the House of Lords


British Politics

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 6.Political Life; 10. Elections



  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 14. Education
  2. Lecture 6: Education (powerpoint presentation)
  3. Independent schools in Britain: Harrow (VIDEO, available in the ADDITIONAL SOURCES section. Click here to watch.)
  4. Guardian: John Major is right to be shocked about the public-school elite's grip on Britain (newspaper article, 11 Nov 2013)




Law and Order

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 11. The Law


The Media

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 16. The Media
  2. Kinds of Wordplay in British Newspapers
  3. British daylies' website addresses


The Welfare State

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 18. Welfare
  2. Video worksheet-John Smith in Stornoway (from BBC video course People & Places, pages 73-77)
  3. Article-British Health and Welfare System
  4. Questions on article British Health and Welfare System
  5. Article-Is the NHS Falling Apart


Northern Ireland

  1. BACKGROUND READING: Northern Ireland-article from Encyclopedia Encarta
  2. Activity-home assignment for Brighton bomb classroom activity
  3. Article-Guardian-Paisley and Adams agree deal, March 26, 2007


Scotland and Wales

  1. BACKGROUND READING: Scotland-article from Encyclopedia Encarta
  2. BACKGROUND READING: Wales-article from Encyclopedia Encarta
  3. Article-Independent-Big Question What would happen if Scotland achieved its independence?
  4. Article-Times-How Scots could be better off by going it alone
  5. Activity-A Picture of Britain: Highlands & Glens


Britain and the World

  1. COURSEBOOK: Britain, 12. International relations
  2. David Cameron immigration speech from 14 Apr 2011 (BBC News)     DOWNLOAD AS PDF
  3. David Cameron's cynical and disappointing approach to immigration (Independent 15 Apr 2011)        DOWNLOAD AS PDF
  4. Immigration speech was a dog-whistle for the right (Guardian 14 April 2011)     DOWNLOAD AS PDF
  5. Immigration to the UK-the Statistics (Guardian 14 Apr 2011)        DOWNLOAD AS PDF
  6. Sky News UK Mass Immigration Debate, 1 Apr 2008 (YouTube)       DOWNLOAD IN FLV       
  7. Politics UK, Immigration and other issues, BBC World Service (audio file) 
  8. Immigration to the United Kingdom since 1922 (Wikipedia article)         DOWNLOAD AS PDF
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