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British History course announcements

 1  Sep 20, 2016



This academic year, the first year students will have both history of Britain and that of the United States combined in one-semester course. Normally, each course I teach at this department has its own separate website with its corresponding webpages. This course is an exception. It does not have a single website. Instead it comprises two websites -- History of Great Britain and History of the United States.


1. History of Great Britain

2. History of the United States

We will make our way through both histories in the following fashion. The first SIX weeks will be devoted to the history of Britain. This will be followed by the British History Test in week 7. Then, the remaining SIX weeks will be aimed at studying American history. After that I'm going to give the American History Test covering all the topics in the history of that country. The syllabi (i. e. specific topics to be revised for) remain the same as last year (12 topics in British History plus 12 topics in US history) remain the same. The number of contact hours (i. e. seminars), however, has been reduced by half, so we'll be doing some topics in seminars and leaving out others. In contrast to the last year's freshmen, you will have to work twice as much more on your own. For this you're awarded 5 credits (in lieu of last year's 2). I apologise for any inconvenience, but the recent changes to our translator and interpreter programme are quite beyond me and I think we'll just have to make the best of this situation. Please check this Announcement section weekly to find out what you will be doing in your seminar the following week. You're also advised to keep your eye on this page to be informed of any important development, not least the date when and where you will take your British and US history tests. 



Oct 18, 2016

Test I, covering all the 12 topics in British History (from Prehistoric Britain to 20th Century: World War II to Fall of Empire), will be given on November the 10th, during our regular lecture time -- between 7:30 and 8:10 (the room is to be announced). Please note that this is a compulsory test date -- i. e. everybody has to attend. Make sure that you arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes in advance so that we can start as soon as possible. 
















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