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Written assignment

THE ESSAY (not required for winter 2010 course assessment)

In order to be considered for final assessment every student on the course has to write a historical essay. This is traditionally one of the most difficult tasks for students to manage successfully, especially for those in the first year of their university study. It is advisable therefore that you read very carefully the following documents which set out in detail all the necessary guidelines how to go about writing a historical essay. If your historical essay is a comparative analysis at the same time, you will have to read some more guidelines. If you have studied all the guidelines for the written assignment and there are still things which are not clear to you, do not hesitate and come to my office during consultation hours for furhter clarification. Also, you can discuss with myself your essay at any stage of its writing, before submission. And finally, check Announcements for any updates on the submission deadline.

  • How to write a historical essay
  • How to write a comparative analysis
  • Topic for winter term 2007


This is a non-compulsory assessed task. It can fetch you additional 5 bonus points to your overall assessment score. Download the copy of the instructions below and pay a visit to the British Centre at the State Scientific Library in Lazovna ulica in Banská Bystrica. Write answers to the questions on a separate piece of paper. Please note that all the answers have to be handwritten not typed. Submit the completed task before the end of the winter semester classes.

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