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SYLLABUS            Course:   Phonetics & Phonology 2              Department of English & American Studies




Revision 1


Revising chapters Strong and weak syllables and Stress in simple words.   


Complex word stress


Stress in complex words. Compound words. Word-class pairs.

3 Weak forms 1
  The schwa sound. Strong forms & weak forms. Functions words. 
4 Weak forms 2
5 Problems in phonemic analysis 1

Neutralisation. Syllabic consonants. Differences between British and American English - PART 1.

6 Problems in Phonemic analysis 2

Schwa. Distinctive feature analysis. Differences between British and American English - PART 2.

7 MID-SEMESTER TEST (on topics  1- 6)
8 Aspects of connected speech 1
  Rythm (stress-timing)
9 Aspects of connected speech 2


Assimilation: Yod Coalescence, Elision & R-linking.
10 Intonation 1
  Form and function of intonation. Complex tones and pitch hight. Some functions of English tones.
11 Intonation 2
  The tone-unit. The structure of the tone-unit
12 Functions of intonation
  The attitudinal function of intonation. Expressing attitudes. The accentual function of intonation.
13 Revision
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