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Phonetics & Phonology 1 (winter semester)
1.  Introduction
2. Accents, phonems and phonemic transcription

Look up pronunciation of words in BrE/AmE in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:

Look up pronunciation of words in BrE/AmE in Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary:

Look up pronunciation of words as well as proper nouns in Howjsay dictionary:
3.  The production of speech sounds

Watch English phonetician Adrian Underhill present RP vowels & consonants:

4.  Long vowels, diphthongs and triphthongs

Listen to English vowels & consonants in Adrian Underhill's interactive phonemic chart:

    Review, type in and copy and paste the complete set of IPA symbols:

Learn & test yourself on the IPA symbols:


Watch a teacher explaing the difference between /ɪ/ and /i:/

5.  Voicing and consonants

Test yourself labelling English consonants in John Maidment's Fonetic Flash: 


Check out this interactive tutorial on English plosives on the UCL SIPhTrA webpage: 

11. Stress in simple words

Practise identifying primary stress in words & get instant feedback on David Brett's website:

Phonetics & Phonology 2 (summer semester)

3. Weak forms 1

Practise transcription of weak forms in connected speech & get instant feedback on David Brett's website

5.  Problems in phonemic analysis 1

Practise phonemic transcription of short phrases & sentences on David Brett's website:


Read on and listen to the alveolar tap/flap in a Wikipedia article:


Aspects of connected speech 1


Whatch a teacher explaining stress-timing in a video:

9.  Aspects of connected speech 2 

Read, listen and do excercises on yod coalescence on David Brett's website:


Read, listen and do excercises on elision on David Brett's website:

    Read, listen and do excercises on r-linking on David Brett's website:

10.  Intonation 1  

Listen to the explanation of 7 nuclear tones by an English language teacher: 

12. Functions of intonation

Learn about the the basic sentence intonation patterns (falling & rising tones) in an IELTS video (Australian English)

    Watch this four-part video explaining basic sentence intonation patterns (American English)

PART 1: What intonation is, falling & rising intonation


PART 2: Falling & rising intonation + practice with falling intonation


PART 3: Rising intonation pattern


PART 4: Practice with intonation in questions

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