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History of Great Britain & the USA syllabus, winter term 2008

Teacher Requalifying Programme

Department of English & American Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Matej Bel University



 (# classes)



Prehistoric Britain (– 43 A.D.)

 (4 classes)

An Island People. Neolithic Farmers. Megalithic Monuments.
  Roman Britain (43 A.D. – 410)
  Caesar’s invasions. The Roman province. Romanization of Britain.
  The Anglo-Saxon period (440-1066)
  The Saxons, Angles and Jutes.  The House of Wessex.  The Normans.
  The Early Middle Ages (1066-1307)
  The Norman Conquest and the Rise of a Medieval State. Magna Carta and the Decline of Feudal Rule. The beginnings of Parliament.


The Late Middle Ages (1290-1485)
 (4 classes) The Hundred Years’ War (1337 – 1453). The Peasants’ Revolt. The Wars of the Roses (1455 – 1485).
  The Tudor Age (1485-1603)
  Towards a Nation State.  The English Reformation.  The New Foreign Policy and the Building of Britain’s Trade Empire.
  The Stuarts (1603-1688)
  Parliament Against the Crown.  The English Revolution (1642 – 1649). The Restoration of Monarchy. The Glorious Revolution and Constitutional Monarchy.
  The Eighteen Century (1688-1789)
  A Century of Conflicts.  The Era of Robert Walpole. The American Revolution.  Pitt, Reform and Revolution. Napoleonic Wars.


The Age of Industrial Revolution

 (4 classes)

The Origins of Industrial Revolution.  Population Growth and Urbanisation. The Reforms of the 1830s.
  The Age of Liberalism (1851-1914)
  Mid-Victorian Prosperity.  The Gladstone-Disraeli Rivalry. The Late Victorian Empire. Women’s Suffrage.
  TEST I (on topics 1 – 10, British History)


Colonial Period (1606 – 1774)
 (4 classes) Amerindians. First European explorers. Early settlements. Virginia and New England. The Thirteen colonies. The French and Indian War (1756 -1763)
  Towards Independence (1775 -1783)
  The Origins of Revolution. Britain's policy towards the colonies. The Continental Congress. Declaration of Independence.
  The Formation of a National Government (1777 -1791)
  The Articles of Confederation. The lack of central power. Constitutional Convention. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Federalists and Republicans.
  Westward Expansion: Manifest Destiny
  The Louisiana Purchase. The War of 1812. The Monroe Doctrine. The Missouri Compromise. Indian Removal.


The Civil War and Reconstruction (1861 - 1877)

 (4 classes)

Sectionalism: North and South. Slavery issue: F. Douglas, the Underground Railway and Abolitionists. A. Lincoln. Civil War. Reconstruction.
  Years of Growth: American Empire
  The Indian Wars and the American West. Industry and technology. Robber Barons. Immigration. The Spanish - American War.
  Discontent and Reform
  The Robber Barons. The farmers and populism. Labour movement. Reformers and progressives. T. Roosevelt. Jim Crow laws.
  War and Prosperity (1917 - 1929)
  World War I. Wilson's Fourteen Points. The Roaring twenties. Prohibition. The Suffragists. Big business.


Depression and the New Deal (1929 -1941)
 (4 classes) Crash and depression. F. D. Roosevelt and the policy of New Deal. Isolationism and the outside world.
  From Isolationism to Hiroshima: World War II.
  End of neutrality. War in the Pacific. War in Europe. The birth of Atomic age: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The post-war settlement.
  TEST II (on topics 1 – 10, History of the United States)
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