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Student Historical Society at the Department of History

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at the Department of History of Faculty of Arts


is a student organization in which the students of history and other related study programs of The Faculty of Arts (FA) at Matej Bel University (UMB) take part. 

Its main goal is to organize the activities in cooperation with different institutions, organizations and individuals. The aim of these activities is to:

  • eke out the study of history at the Department of History of FA at UMB in Banská Bystrica by means of informal education
  • reinforce the relations between the students and their lecturers and also between the students mutually
  • encourage the students to study actively, to inform them about different opportunities for studying abroad within the student mobilities, interships and summer schools
  • provide tutoring for the students of the 1st year and the students of junior years  
  • offer students the space for realization within the events happening at The Department of History of FA at UMB with the possibility to continue to their future professional life
  • edit a student historical journal ACHERON


Since 2013, SHS is a member of an international society of the students of history called The International Students of History Association.

In case you would like to became a member of SHS, if you would like to participate in creating of our activities, also if you have some ideas how to enrich our program or if you need to consult anything concerned with your study obligations, please do not hasitate and contact us at

For more information about us search for ŠHS FF UMB Banská Bystrica at Facebook.






One of our activities is to provide mentoring for first-year students of history. Under the tutorship we understand the developing of such activities that  ensure students' quick orientation in new conditions, new environment and will help them with their study and also with a faster integration into a new team. The aim of the meeting is to welcome new students and to introduce them the study at the Department of History, give them practical advice, insights from more experienced students and offer them an opportunity to establish contacts with students from higher stages.


Through excursions and trips we offer students the opportunity to deepen knowledge about history in interactive and experiential way. The object of excursions is for instance visiting of Slovak towns aimed at their historical background and cultural notabilities, exhibitions, museums or galleries.


ŠHS organizes historical evenings on regular basis, which should contribute to the establishing, maintaining and strengthening of collegial relations at the Department of History FF UMB. Creating friendly relations between students across various stages and among students and teachers we want to degrade the anonymity, which today struck a university environment, and create space for joint reflection, dialogues, debate within our community aimed at achieving knowledge.


 ŠHS organizes film screenings with historical themes on regular basis. Each film is introduced with a brief contribution approximating circumstances of the film, the director and especially the person in particular historical issue that is the subject of the film. The screening is followed by a discussion. More information will be posted on the bulletin board and on FB.


ŠHS is starting a new activity. It is cycle of meetings with resident/guest historians or history teachers. Meetings will be held in semiformal atmosphere and conducted by students of our department. The main goal is to get to know our teachers also with their personalities, how they got attracted to the history atc.



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