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The Department of Social Studies and Ethnology (EN)

The Department of Social Studies and Ethnology has been an organisational part of the Faculty of Humanities and of the Centre for Science and Research of UMB since 2011. In 2005-2010 it was part of the Institute for Science and Research.

The primary work of the department is divided into three research areas:

Ethnology/ sociocultural anthropology: D. Bacová, K. Beňová, A. Bitušíková, J. Darulová, K. Koštialová, Z. Krišková, V. Mezeiová, I. Souček

Sociology: R.Hoffreiter, I. Chorvát

The research teams of the department undertake high-quality interdisciplinary research projects and disseminate research findings that address complex social problems and global challenges. The research focuses on urban ethnology/ anthropology (diversity, sustainability strategies, governance, migration, identity), cultural heritage, gender, sociology of tourism and consumption, Slovak history (World War I and II), and literary history. The Institute provides a platform for communication across various disciplines and faculty departments. It collaborates closely with other research institutes in Slovakia and abroad, mainly with the Institute of Ethnology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and with a number of partners in Europe, the U.S., and Israel. The Institute hosts scholars from other countries (USA, Japan). Individual members of the Institute collaborate regularly also with university associations (European University Association – Council for Doctoral Education, UNICA, COIMBRA-Group) in the field of the reform of doctoral education.  

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